Pyramid of Essential B2B Tasks

For a robust and highly functional B2B solution to deliver maximum business benefits, all the essential elements need to be there and interact. Take away one of the balls in the pyramid and…

5. Choreography Management - managing the back and forth flow of transactions between trading partners can get complex, especially when different partners have different requirements. IVBPlus solutions handle the complexity, and provide maximum flexibility to allow you to trade with a wide range of trading partners.

4. Data Resolution – it is very common that the data you receive from a trading partner will need to be changed or “resolved” before it can be used by your business system. Data such as units of measure, product codes, pricing, product descriptions, etc. need to be resolved before it can be integrated to the business system, and this is often where B2B solutions stumble. We have an innovative solution to this problem that avoids the costly and unsuitable alternatives.

3. Data Integration – getting data into and out of business systems in an automated manner saves the errors and costs of manually keying information into the business systems. Our B2B solutions ensure that transactions can be integrated by both trading partners for maximum benefit.

2. Data Transformation – there will be differences between the data requirements of trading partner systems. Different data formats and data standards mean it’s necessary to change the data either as it arrives before it is integrated into the business system or before it is sent to a trading partner. IVBPlus solutions have complete data transformation capability and data is validated for completeness.

1. Security, Transport and Messaging – this is the foundation that a robust B2B solution is built upon. Considering that, it is surprising how often it is missing. Messages and data must be securely encrypted and the delivery must be guaranteed, 100% of the time! The guaranteed, secure messaging in all IVBPlus solutions is easily implemented and suitable for even the smallest of companies.