About IVBPlus

IVBPlus provides low cost B2B solutions for SMEs that are appropriate in every respect.

Our award winning, innovative e-Business solutions are based on “out of the box” products that speed up implementations to deliver immediate benefits to organisations of all sizes across multiple industries. Although low cost to provide maximum Return On Investment to our clients, our complete solutions are also fully functional and robust to handle the mission critical nature of B2B transactions.

The direct-connect, B2B integration solutions encompass both sophisticated middleware that allows companies to participate in B2B transactions with trading partners who are enabled for e-Business, as well as a solution to trading partner B2B enablement for those trading partners who presently use manual processes such as phone, fax and email.

These products can also become a key component in EAI solutions and reduce the cost and risk of EAI development projects.

Recent News

  • TradeForms from IVBPlus has been recognised by the Australian Federal Government in recent independent research on B2B enablement using in-depth information from 12 e-business systems and 54 organisations. Read more...
  • IVBPlus has released the Credit Request module of its comprehensive TradeRoute middleware solution. Read more...