If you need to be able to trade electronically with trading partners who are capable of sending and receiving data and messages such as Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgment and Response, Invoices etc. then TradeRoute is the answer. These documents will likely be in formats such as EDI (Edifact, ANSI), XML, or some other format suitable for electronic transmission, and you may need to comply with security protocols such as http/s or AS/2. If your existing backend systems cannot handle these requirements (which is very likely) then the TradeRoute middleware solution will allow you to participate in the e-Business initiatives of your trading partners on an equal footing.

TradeRoute offers all the essential tasks required of robust, sophisticated B2B, namely:

  • Guaranteed secure messaging with message management
  • Complete data transformation capability
  • Integration solution to/from backend systems
  • Innovative, appropriate data resolution capability
  • Transaction choreography management