IVBPlus Products Overview

IVBPlus products are purpose designed to provide appropriate solutions to integrated B2B between trading partners of any size organisation. The term appropriate deserves some attention here, because we believe that unless B2B solutions are appropriate in all respects, the adoption of B2B processes between trading partners will be inhibited, particularly for Small and Medium Business (SMB or SME).

Therefore our products are affordable, easy to use and implement, yet highly functional, robust, and have sophisticated features.

There are two product families that address the two differing types of trading partners re B2B operations.

  • The TradeRoute product can be described as B2B middleware for trading electronically with your trading partners who have B2B capability already.

  • The TradeForms product delivers B2B enablement of your trading partners who have little to no B2B capability. These companies are very likely using the phone, fax or email to carry out common business transactions