About Us

IVBPlus is a developer of innovative XML based software solutions aimed at enabling all trading partners in a trading community to achieve the maximum benefits from collaborative and integrated electronic e-Business.

Our goal continues to be a leading provider of quality solutions that are all inclusive in the belief that the more participants there are in the collaborative B2B trading community, the higher the value is enjoyed be each participant.

To this end we have developed patented technology that solves the “tough tasks” of B2B, and this is especially valuable to our SME clients who may have struggled with these issues in the past. The IVBPlus solutions are very cost effective, yet highly functional and robust. They are practical, easily and quickly implemented, and also are based on industry standards. Our solutions offer open paths to future technology change so that rapid response to technology and market changes will help keep our clients productive and competitive.

The company was founded upon a “can do” ethic, and we believe this dedication to solving business issues for our clients coupled with innovative use of technology and experience, is what real solutions are all about. Our clients span the range of large multinationals through to SMEs in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, mining, steel, retail, automotive, human resources and financial services.

Whether it is a large company needing a viable way to trade electronically with the large number of their smaller trading partners, or a smaller company looking for a single solution to fulfil their e-Business opportunities, IVBPlus has the right mix of products, skills and experience to deliver the right solution with the maximum benefits.