Solution Partners

We are proud to partner with the following companies :

Advanced Development Partner


Certified Integration Partner

For further detailed information regarding our Partner Program contact us at

Partner Programs

The IVBPlus Partner Program is designed to fulfil the requirements of the three key parties; the end user customer, our business partner and IVBPlus. We strive for a triple win-win-win relationship that benefits all three partners in the relationship. The structure of the program allows organisations to select a category of relationship and participation level which suits their needs and the needs of their customers. A dedicated account manager is responsible for assuring the needs of our partners are fulfilled in a timely manner and for working with our partners to maximize the benefits that can be achieved in the relationship. A brief description of the partner categories is outlined in the table below. For further detailed information regarding our Partner Program contact us at 

IVBPlus Partner Program
Partner Classification
Integrates IVBPlus product(s) with their solution
Royalty based licence revenue
Co-development agreements offered
Business Plan objectives

Systems Integrator  
May choose to include IVBPlus product(s) as part of  Solution
No Business Plan criteria
Technical & implementation support provided

Strategic VAR  
Maximum revenue potential
Business Plan objectives
Sales & technical support provided
Marketing activity support provided at cost

Associate VAR  
Commission revenue
No Business Plan criteria
Marketing collateral provided at cost

Marketing Associate  
Co-marketing activities
Marketing collateral provided at cost